Hello, October


I’m excited that this project is kicking off in October—it’s by far my favorite month of the year. Now that we’ve officially turned from summer to autumn, I can fully embrace all the cozy flavors fall has to offer—so that means keeping crisp air and sweater-weather in mind for a lot of these recipes. 😍

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in season this month:


Aside from coziness, in much of the United States, we’re also experiencing less sun and more cold—so a lot of this month’s recipes will focus on making up for some of these seasonal setbacks. Not to mention, October 1-7 is Mental Health Awareness Week—and that, paired with winter approaching, makes it the perfect time to introduce some meals that are going to lift all of our spirits and strengthen our immune systems.

I’m experimenting with meals and sharing them here. The focus for this month is to enhance the essential vitamins specifically geared towards energy, serenity, and immunity support. I’ll spare you all the vitamin and nutrition talk here, but in case you’re interested, I’ll be sharing more information as the weeks roll out.


Here’s a taste of what you can expect to find here:

  1. Meal Breakdown. As we go through the month, I’ll be posting some of the meals we experiment with—including some of the nutritional breakdown.

  2. Colorful & Roasted. Just like the seasonal change, our days will be filled with colors. Expect a variety of greens, oranges, and reds in our recipes.

  3. Egg- and mushroom-based dishes will abound. The nutrients in these foods can help battle depression, boost our moods, and help strengthen us against the wintery illnesses like the cold and flu.

  4. Pasta, pasta, pasta. I live with an Italian, so there’s no way we’re not eating pasta. I’m making it my personal goal to introduce fairly simple, nutritious, and delicious ways to consume these carbs—plus hopefully save us all some time (although we will be experimenting with making some noodles from scratch).

  5. Be your own barista. I love any kind of hot beverage, so every week will be riddled with some fun ways to switch up your morning coffee routine and embrace all hygge of fall.

Here’s to the start of a healthy autumn! 🍂

I’ve also started an instagram to post updates, recipes, and other fun things. Feel free to follow me @SaltandGrit!

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