green smoothie (feat. parsley)


tl;dr to skip to the recipe, scroll down.


I’ve already revealed this to everyone in my life with zeal, but I’m pretty stoked to have discovered the secret ingredient in the smoothies you get at hipster juice bars. I’ve never been able to get my smoothies to taste as good, there always seemed to be one ingredient missing.

Recently, we had way too much parsley leftover from another recipe, so I was googling ways to use it up and boom, achievement unlocked. As it turns out, parsley adds the perfectly crisp grassy-ness that I didn’t know I was craving from these $13 dollar juice bar elixirs. Ever since, Jake and I have been crushing this recipe at least twice a week.

Keep reading beyond the recipe for some of parsley’s awesome health benefits, too.

green smoothie. serves two.

you’ll need
_2 cups fresh spinach 🌱
_2 ripe bananas* 🍌
_1/2 cup frozen strawberries 🍓
_1/2 cup frozen pineapple 🍍
_handful fresh parsley (I’ve been using about 5 sprigs, stems included) 🌱
_handful fresh cilantro**, stems included 🌱

*We have substituted an apple instead of bananas, it has a similar effect, but makes the smoothie juicier. Add less water in this case.
**I’ve read that a good alternative for cilantro is water cress, but I have never tried it!

to make.
Fill your blender up about a fourth of the way with cold water and add spinach, cilantro, and parsley. Blend that until smooth and green. Add all the fruits, and done!

The smoothie tends to be fairly juicy, but if you want a creamier smoothie, add less water. We’ve tried this smoothie with different fruit combinations, and honestly pineapple and strawberries taste the best in our opinion. It also keeps the smoothie a beautiful green color—any experimenting would lead to an ugly (but tasty) brown-ish color.

fun facts:
_ It contains volatile oils—which can help neutralize certain carcinogens—like benzopyrenes found in cigarette smoke or charcoal grill smoke). So fix up a smoothie like this after those summer barbecues ;)
_ Parsley is packed with vitamins A, B, C, and K—which is pretty impressive already. Half a cup is already over 5 times the recommended intake of vitamin K! 
_ Contains a nutrient called apigenin, which possesses both anti-cancer as well as anti-inflammatory properties. So this smoothie is great before events or photoshoots to keep bloating and water weight in check. 
_ Good for diabetes! It helps balance blood sugar and prevent some of the degenerative toll diabetes can have on the liver.