new year, new efforts.


After a lot of growth these last couple months (and a lot of undocumented cooking!) I’ve had a hard time getting this blog out of my head.

The name of this blog, Salt&Grit, originally started out to be connected to food and cooking—but now it holds a sort of sweet spot in my heart. It’s starting to take on more of “sweat, tears, and forging ahead” that I seem to identify with over and over again.

I’ve long been very career-driven—so 2019 is going to soft pause. An opportunity to experiment more. With food, with life, and with myself. Get to know my own skin after a wild year or so of drastic changes.

Since October, Jake has moved here! I’ve gone through my first-ever bouts of depression, wrote a cathartic article that has helped me get through a painful work experience, and tried to “recenter” myself these days.

I’m going to start off with some simple recipes—and after that, not even I know what to expect. One thing I’m working on this year, is my propensity to over-plan my life. ;)

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